Benefits of Granite Counter Tops

Granite is one of the most common building materials for a variety of reasons from its strength to its aesthetic beauty. It can be used with equal success for a wide rnage of applications, from exterior cladding to internal counter tops. It is this latter application and its benefits that is the focus of today's Stone Concepts blog article.

Benefits of Granite for Counter Tops

  • Granite is a natural stone with a highly-distinctive and utterly-timeless appearance. Each piece of granite is unique, with a rich, elegant glow whatever colour you decide on. Stone Concepts offer a delightful palette of colour options, including varying tones of Black, Brown, Emerald and Red.
  • Another key feature of granite its its strength and hardness. Given the frequent use of counter tops, granite is an ideal material. It is extremely resistant to heat, suffering no damage or weakness as a result. Granite also strongly resists against scratching. It is recommended that you don't cut food directly on the granite counter top surface, not because knives will damage the granite but because granite will damage the knives!
  • The strength of granite means that it is designed to last and last, suffering no depreciation in value. In fact, installing granite counter tops in your home will increase its value.
  • Granite is a sanitary material and boasts remarkable natural anti-bacterial qualities. Keeping granite counter tops clean requires only mild detergents and water, with no hard scrubbing necessary as the material does not stain. 
  • Not many years ago, granite counter tops were the preserve of the ultra-wealthy. At Stone Concepts, thanks to our impressive purchasing power and extensive network of suppliers, we are able to offer affordable granite work tops. 

Stone Concepts offer a complete, comprehensive installation service as well as the supply of the raw materials. Each installation we carry out is managed on an individual, bespoke basis by a well-established and highly-experienced project management team. We employ only the most skilled masons who are dedicated to ensuring that every installation is nothing less than perfect.

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