Benefits of Marble Counter Tops

Here at Stone Concepts, our cherry-picked team of expert stone masons use a wide variety of materials to create stunning, unique installations. One of these materials is marble and, in this edition of our blog, we look at some of the benefits of using marble to create kitchen worktops.

  • Marble is a material that naturally stays cool, always remaining below room temperature. This quality makes it ideal when working with heat-sensitive foods like dough, pastry, chocolate and ice cream. Marble is strongly resistant to heat and will never melt or ignite.
  • As it is softer than traditional counter top materials like granite, marble can be given a much wider variety of decorative edge profiles. One of the most popular profiles is the waterfall edge: this comprises three cascading convex arches that add exciting interest and texture to a worktop. Other edge profiles include bullnose, bevel, stair thread and chiseled. 
  • Marble is an extremely durable material, strongly resistant to scratching and cracking. It is for this reason that it has been used to build many of the world's oldest landmarks, such as the Parthenon in Greece and the Taj Mahal in India. 
  • Available in a rainbow of colours reaching across the entire spectrum, marble has an effortless natural elegance and beauty that will bring class and sophistication to any interior design scheme. The word 'marble' is derived from an Ancient Greek word meaning 'shining stone', which perfectly describes its warmth and sparkle. 
  • Marble is particularly suited for use in areas that are small in size and/or lack natural light, as it makes a room appear instantly brighter and larger.

Stone Concepts work with an extensive, established network of quarries and suppliers, each of which has been carefully selected for their impressive reputations. The network extends across the globe, allowing us to guarantee our clients the very best material quality at a competitive, realistic cost.

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