Magnificent Marble for Beautiful Bathrooms

The expert team at Stone Concepts is often contracted to design and install luxury bathrooms and one material that is especially popular for this purpose is marble. In this edition of our blog, we'll be looking in more detail at some of the advantages of choosing marble as a material to transform your bathroom.

Your bathroom should be a place in which you can relax or refresh, where you can rest or revive. Whether it's a quick shower in the morning or an extended bubble bath late at night, a marble bathroom brings a sense of luxury to your life.

The bathroom of a home is often one of the smallest rooms and so it is desirable to make the space look larger. Marble, with its smooth, shiny texture, helps to create a feeling of space, especially if the colour chosen is closer to the white end of the spectrum.

As marble has been used for many centuries to create iconic sculptures and structures, it has become a material that is inextricably associated with elegance and sophistication. Design trends may come and go but a marble bathroom will always maintain that timeless appeal.

The word 'marble' is ultimately derived from Greek and means 'shining stone'. This shining quality is due to the fact that the material has a low refractive index, allowing light to deeply penetrate before it is reflected outwards. Whether your marble bathroom is lit by anything from a bright fluorescent tube to a single candle, it is always going to display a visually delightful lustre.

As they are made from an entirely natural material, no two pieces of marble are exactly alike. This means that every bathroom made using the material is absolutely unique. A wide and diverse array of colours is available, from the purest white to the richest reds, from the deepest greens to the most tranquil blues.

Aside from its immense aesthetic value, marble is also a practical material for bathrooms. Strong and robust, marble has a low porosity and so is naturally resistant to water. It is a hypoallergenic material and is especially easy to keep clean with little effort. The addition of a marble bathroom can also significantly improve the financial value of your home.

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