Stone Concepts Materials Portfolio: Terrazzo

Terrazzo (the Italian word for 'terrace') is a composite material, consisting of chips of granite, quartz or marble scattered into a cementitious binder and polished to an ultra-smooth uniform finish. The history of the material can be traced back to mosaics in Ancient Egypt and has been used for floors and other architectural elements ever since.

Terrazzo offers many benefits as a building material and, in this edition of the Stone Concepts blog, we'll be looking in more detail at some of them.

  • Durability. The terrazzo floors that were installed hundreds of years ago in buildings across Europe, Asia and the Middle East are still in place today, providing strength, functionality and appearance that has barely diminished through time. The material is resistant to fire damage, water damage and staining. It is exceptionally strong and hard-wearing, even in the most high-frequency environments. 
  • Easy Maintenance. Terrazzo is non-porous, which means it requires only minimal maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition with little effort. You can safely use almost any cleaning chemical without any fear of damaging the strong material.  
  • Design Flexibility. With an attractive speckled appearance and a wide selection of colour options, Terrazzo offers plenty of versatility. As well as being used to create floors, the material is also perfect for a range of other design features such as shower stalls, wall bases, stairs, table tops, wall panels and counter tops. 
  • Competitive Cost. Terrazzo provides an affordable solution for architects and property owners. The initial cost more than pays for itself due to the fact that a terrazzo installation will never require replacing, almost always lasting longer than the life span of the building itself.
  • Environmental Friendliness. Terrazzo is made using sustainable materials and is one of the most envi­ron­men­tally-friendly flooring materials in existence. Often regarded as the first green flooring since it was invented, Terrazzo can last for centuries, meaning it will never need to be disposed of in landfill. 

We invite you to browse the Stone Concepts materials portfolio to find out more about the different styles of terrazzo that we can offer. Please contact our expert team to discuss your unique requirements.

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