Completed Projects: Restoration of the Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark is one of the most famous historical ships in the world. After a £50m restoration project, which Stone Concepts was involved in completing, the record-breaking vessel is now a major tourist attraction in Greenwich, London.

Cutty Sark was built in Dumbarton in 1869, setting sail for China a year later in 1870. On this maiden outward voyage, the ship carried a mixed cargo but in Shanghai was loaded with over 1.3 million pounds of tea; it was this product that made the ship famous and heralded the beginning of the 'tea races'. She was one of the fastest ships of her day, making many more successful voyages even though she sustained plenty of damage in the process.

The restoration project was severely hampered by a major fire but, undeterred, the restoration team continued their work. As well as raising the ship from the floor so that her hull could be viewed in detail by visitors, Cutty Sark was covered by a huge glass canopy to protect her; this canopy also allows natural light to flood the visitor centre, improving both visibility and aesthetic value.

It was the impressive Stone Concepts reputation for excellence that convinced the restoration team to contract us to install the large expanse of floor beneath the historic ship. The materials used, which are of absolute premium quality, were chosen to complement the ship's beauty, as well as to provide a sturdy, robust and attractive area for visitors to walk on.

As with every project we have worked on, our dedicated and experienced team delivered the very best in terms of materials, craftsmanship and confi­den­ti­ality: nothing less than perfection was absolutely guaranteed from start to finish. We invite you to browse our portfolio of completed projects to discover more of our work and to contact our customer service team to discuss your own project requirements.

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