Completed Projects: The Award-Winning Hop House

Located in Covent Garden, just a stone's throw from the area's world-famous piazza, Hop House is a residential building containing 29 luxurious and prestigious apartments. Stone Concepts was proud to be selected as the main contractor in an extensive project of exterior and interior remodelling to the building.

Covent Garden is a location that has been associated for centuries with shopping and entertainment. The area boasts no less than 13 theatres and well over 60 bars and pubs. With the exception of Christmas Day, there are street performances every day of the year in Covent Garden: the first noted performance in the area was recorded in the diaries of Samuel Pepys in 1662.

Hop House was originally used as an office block before being transformed into a collection of one-, two- and three-bedroom residential apartments. The building was named as an homage to the hops that were once cultivated in the vicinity. Offering 'relaxed, contemporary living' in one of London's most historic areas, Hop House is now an extremely desirable address.

The remit given to Stone Concepts was extensive, including the drafting, fabrication and installation of a completely remodelled fa├žade which, rendered in top-quality Portland Stone, enhanced the Viennese theme of the building's original design. We were also responsible for designing and implementing all of the internal components using mosaic, porcelain and composite stone.

Portland Stone has been used since Roman times, with many sarcophagi from the period made using the material. The earliest known building made using Portland Stone, Rufus Castle in Portland, was constructed in 1080. Many other well-known buildings in the UK are constructed from Portland Stone, including the Palace of Westminster, the Tower oif London, Christchurch Priory, Exeter Cathedral, the Victoria Memorial and parts of Buckingham Palace.

After the project was complete, the extensive remodelling work earned Hop House the coveted Sunday Times British Homes Awards for best conversion of an existing building.

This is just one of the many projects that Stone Concepts has successfully completed. Discover more details about this and other selected projects on our website.

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