Stone Concepts Materials Portfolio: Onyx

The Stone Concepts materials portfolio includes onyx, a beautiful natural stone that shows great versatility. In this edition of our blog, we'll reveal some of the many qualities of onyx as a construction material.


The word 'onyx' comes from a Greek word meaning 'fingernail'. This may sound a little strange until you discover that, in Roman mythology, onyx first appeared from the fingernails of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty!

Many types of natural stone originate deep within the crust of the earth but onyx is different: the material forms on the planet's surface from spring water that contains a high level of dissolved calcite. As the water emerges onto the surface, the calcite precipitates and, over many years, builds up a into a crust of calcite crystals. Infinite variations in water flow rates create multiple layers that give each piece of onyx an appearance that is absolutely unique.

This unique aesthetic is one of the qualities that make onyx a desirable material for use in construction. At Stone Concepts, we use top-quality onyx that is available in a variety of pastel colours including Ivory, White, Honey, Rose and Spring Green. We also supply a special type of rainbow onyx, so named for its many layers of different colours and tones.

When properly maintained, onyx has a long lifespan that can be in excess of 100 years. Cleaning onyx is easy: all that is required is warm soapy water and so there is no need for expensive specialist cleaning products.

Onyx is a versatile material with many different potential applications. Whether used for countertops, room dividers, fireplaces, cladding, shower surrounds or anything else, onyx delivers beauty and elegance in abundance. The material is translucent and so can be backlit, producing vibrantly beautiful results.

It is true that onyx comes with a higher price tag than many natural stone alternatives due to its relative rarity. This cost is, however, more than offset by the value added to a property with an onyx installation.

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