Residential Renovation: Our World-Class Service

When Stone Concepts was founded more than a decade ago, our work focused on commercial projects. As our reputation for excellence grew, we began to receive many requests from private clients and so, in 2016, we expanded our service to include the private residential sector.

Ingram Avenue Hampstead

The dedication to perfection we offer to our commercial clients is exactly replicated in our service to residential clients. Our service is entirely comprehensive, from sourcing and specifying materials to drafting plans, installation and subsequent aftercare and maintenance. We work with the very best materials, including a range of different natural stones sourced from quarries all over the world.

As with our commercial clients, the service we offer to residential properties is tailored to each individual installation, be it for a bathroom, kitchen, entrance hall or entire property. Each project is overseen by cherry-picked experts and is completed with maximum confidentiality and diligence.

One residential project that we worked on was located in the beautiful Hampstead area of London. Stone Concepts were contracted to complete a range of stone installations in two high-end homes, with a remit to source and supply materials along with drafting and installation.

To complete this project, we used no less than 53 different materials. These materials were sourced from all over the world and, though the logistics were complex, our team were easily able to manage the challenges this presented. The client demanded the highest finishes and we were ideally placed to meet these stringent demands.&

The entrance halls of the houses were especially important. Our team interpreted the vision of the designer with a pair of contrasting yet complementary materials that were sourced from and fabricated by our trusted colleagues in Portugal. The materials were dry laid before shipping and subsequent installation.

We invite you to view images of this and other completed projects on our website. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for further information.

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